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Hello Precious Wonderful Life Booker to my web site.  It is so good to have you here!  I am so excited you decided to come on over and look at what Cosmic Smash Booking can offer you.

Please take a look around and enjoy the beauty that is Cosmic Smash Booking.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave me a message here and I will get back to you.

Thank you so much and happy smashing and “going to the page.”

Catt Zelda Geller

Cosmic Smash Book Guide and Artist


Cosmic Smash Booking – Coming Home – An Alchemical Journey



OF COSMIC SMASH BOOKING ~ An Alchemical Journey:




We are so excited to bring you ‘Cosmic Smash Booking’  to share the power of mashing together Intentional Creativity and art journaling to bring transformation into the every day.  Over one hundred woman have already been using this process to bypass the perfectionist in each of us, to celebrate the perfection of imperfection, to give visuals to our journey, to find answers to the questions we have such as:

  • What does home look like for me and how do I get there?
  • How do I align with my gifts and talents?
  • How do I engage with my creativity and come home to my artist self?
  • Why do I feel so disconnected and keep denying parts of myself?
  • How do I stay in touch with myself on a day to day basis?
  • How can I access my inner guidance system?
  • How do I find my own rhythm?

In collaboration with Cosmic Cowgirls University

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Dear One,

You have set your intention for the year, have chosen your word and you know what you want to call into your life.

But how do you keep moving forward every day on your path?  What happens when you come into strong resistance over something you know you want and need to get through?  How do you deal with your emotions on a daily basis? We know in our hearts that art heals, but how?  How do we make this work for ourselves every day when the perfectionist wants to protect us and keeps us from moving forward?

We know you believe that making art every day is good for your soul, but how do you do this cheaply without having canvases everywhere?  We know a white canvas can be a very scary sight so how can you get around this resistance? How do you make the time when every day is filled with ‘have tos’ and ‘should dos’?

Do you have a yearning to come home to yourself?  It seems that this year in particular more people want to find their home.  The home in their heart. The home of their soul. For so many of us putting words around our feelings or circumstances is difficult. Even knowing what those deeper feelings are can seem impossible. How do we get to this deeper place?

As an artist coming into my work late in life I questioned how I close the gap between what I perceive as good art and my own?  How do I do this inexpensively? Can art help me in my spiritual practice? How do I have a conversation with my Perfectionist and Inner Critic? How do I find the time and energy?

I found the answer in Cosmic Smash Booking through Catt Z Geller – my artist persona who I met while taking Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s Color of Woman Teacher Training. Using Shiloh’s 13 Step Method I created the Smash Booking process which allows us to bypass our inner critic, lay down our angst, our pain, our unruly emotions into form which transform it into a quest that then gives us our soul’s answers.

Recently beginning a partnership between Catt Z Geller and StellaMac in bringing Smash Booking to you has been a profound experience in my life as I have found that the collaboration between the two of us brings this process to a deeper, richer level. StellaMac’s ability to ask the deep heartstorming inquiries in her loving and probing way always helps me go deeper.

And StellaMac and I know the absolute beauty and importance of a community and tribe to witness and support each other on our alchemical journey. As we compost the jetsum of our lives into gold we are doing with women who are on a similar path, with women who ‘get us’ and share our laughter and tears.

I invite you to join us for 12 weeks of discovery. Come join on this adventure to home. StellaMac and I are all about having fun all along the way and, you know, serious queries don’t always have serious answers! Are you ready to come home to yourself?

With a loving and open heart,

Catt Z Geller

Catt’s love and enthusiasm for teaching this work is contagious!  I take my Cosmic Smash Book wherever I go. It has become a playful daily practice for navigating through my life with more ease ~ Kate L.


If you’re not able to join us for the whole course then come LiveStream with us!

You have created your intention for the year, chosen your word and now by creating your Smash Book you will have a daily tool to keep you heart centered, in alignment with your values and desires and have fun painting, smashing, collaging and journaling. We will send you a supply list when you sign up and you probably have all the supplies you need already except perhaps for the Composition Book: marble cover, 100 sheets, 9×7” (these are inexpensive books that you can get anywhere). You will build your book setting your intention at every step in the process. Come join the fun!

Register HERE for only $47

Show me a pathway towards a revolution that saves.  ~Shiloh Sophia McCloud~

In Coming Home with Cosmic Smash Booking you will receive:

  • A Livestream Session to create your Cosmic Smash Book on February 22nd(if you can’t make it live it will be recorded)
  • 12 Cosmic Smashbook videos with Catt Geller teaching you how to create a page each week based on 12 Weekly Inquiries from StellaMac
  • 3 Live Calls with StellaMac and Catt Geller (will also be recorded) 
  • Access to our private interactive classroom
  • Access to our private Facebook page

I was blown away at my first introduction to Cosmic Smash Booking with Catt. Imagine combining journaling with art and spirituality. Oh the places you can go.~ Kristin

We are SO excited to be bringing this to you starting Februry 22nd!! REGISTER HERE FOR $225 if paid in full or 3 payments of $85.


IMG_0307Smash Booking Spread by StellaMac

Being a student of Mary’s is a beautiful gift that will open wide the door of possibilities to clarifying, envisioning and creating the life of your dreams.” ~ Elizabeth Gibbons – San Francisco

Me Black and White Dear Hearts:

We invite you to unlock your personal creativity and transformation by ‘going to the page’ of your very own created Smash Book to discover your own inner wisdom. We have all taken brilliant courses where we have had personal transformations and then as day to day living takes over, our own wisdom becomes elusive and we become tethered, yet again, to our old stories. When I first started learning Cosmic Smash Booking from Catt Z I would ask her a question and she would say “bring it to the page and have that conversation with your Smash Book.” As I continued to “go to the page” I began to see and understand the alchemical nature of Smash Booking. Through words and images; inquiry and request; and conversation and community my way home began to reveal herself. And as Anne Lamott says “Help, Thanks, WOW”.

  • Are you looking to find your Sacred Work in the world?
  • Is this coming home to yourself something whose time has finally come?
  • Do you want to lay down your old story and discover your way home?
  • Do you want to consciously create and design your life your way?

Catt and I both know that healing happens in a community of love where we have permission to confront our struggles out loud. And being in community with Catt as my teacher and collaborator has given me a new “window to my soul” and that window is Smash Booking. Catt teaches us how to use this ‘mining for gold’ tool and does it with wisdom, love and laughter. I am thrilled to be taking you on a pilgrimage  to look behind the curtain of your own hearts and souls by teaching you how to ask the deep questions. I will invite you to look at  what’s not acceptable to have in your life any longer and what is non-negotiable and what is essential to your heart and soul.  And I believe that one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is “How do I want to feel?” Our feelings and values are out guides, our maps, our wisdom. Will you say YES to creating a life that is authentically yours?   Will you join us on this creative journey?

With loving heart



Working with Mary is a blessing for so many reasons – her sense of humor and compassionate heart touch every conversation and allow a warm expansion of her teachings to come through from her own embodiment of the feminine paradigm values. –Danna Clare

  •  Do you want to have a creative practice that will take your transformation from the realm of possibility into your day to day?
  • Do you want to take your life experiences and transform them into your sacred work?
  • Do you want to take those yucky unpleasant thoughts and feelings and transform them into feelings of hope, acceptance and surrender?
  • Do you want to come into personal alignment with your true self?
  • Are you wondering how to live into the process of transformation?
  • Do you want to figure out why you’re making those choices and how to make different ones? 

2013-08-04 17.23.05This Cosmic Smash Booking 12 week course will lead you week by week in creating and designing the life that meaningfully reflects who you want to show up as and to support you in illuminating your authentic self. This process opens a portal to your own unique pathway.

Register Now For Course

Register for Livestream Only

Catt Z will be calling you in to The Thread of Peace Cafe, a hogan filled with wild and wise women where the music can swing from rock and roll to Opera and who stop by on their journey for a cup of soup, coffee and a cookie to help you answer those questions through your very own personal creativity.

Mary will take you to Stella Mac’s Place, a virtual, smokey, blues playing bar filled with long legged cowboys and wild, wise, irreverent, reverent storytelling women who will ask the questions you are longing to know the answers to.

Calls will be on the Wednesdays at 6:00 pm PST and will be recorded. You can attend the calls live and ask questions or listen in to the recording at your personal convenience. You can also write in questions ahead of time, if you will not be able to attend the live call in person.


Join 3 Wild Wise Women – Shiloh Sophia, Catt Z Geller and Mary MacDonald for a conversation about Intentional Creativity.

CCU - Shazam

Get your spot in the SHAZAM Red Thread Circle now – and if you cannot join us live you can get the recording within 24 hours.Share this with women in your life so that you can DARE together.


With the magic word of SHAZAM! this conversation will be playful and powerful and give you an intimate look into the lives of 3 creatives – Catt Geller, Mary MacDonald, and Shiloh Sophia – all who came out of the corporate world and who now find themselves authoring their own lives as writers, painters, poets and guides for other women in the Intentional Creativity Movement.

Each woman will provide you with a DARE to bring LIGHTNING  power to your own story of your life – dares that they themselves have taken in the past and will now share with you. All of us need encouragement to take action, and some of us need
LIGHT-NING. We will also look at each of your stories and where they are now – and where you long to bring your stories of your future.
A Cosmic Cowgirls University Circle – February 19 NOON – 1:30 PST. Bring a cup of tea and your magic necklace or beads that you want to have ‘charged up’ during the call. This isn’t just a call,it is a circle – of women. When over women gather we create
field of resonance in which things are possible that were not possible before.
Bravery requires risking.
Risking means making magic, together.