Who Is Catt Zelda Geller?


Catt Zelda Geller – Catt Z teaches using the power of the intentional creativity method with streetlightpeople.org, an organization dedicated to teaching this art method as a tool to support lifelong recovery from addiction. Catt Z is the Founder and CEO of streetlightpeople.org and now travels the world awakening art in clients through the emotional journey of self-knowledge.

Catt Z was Cathlene Fishman for some time before her fiercely independent Aunt Jayne renamed her. Aunt Jayne explained Cathlene had used all her lives and was now a Catt. Catt claimed her middle name, Zelda, from a 1953 travel trailer she once owned and traveled with as Sister on the Fly #35 (the wild cowgirl glamping (glamour camping) club she fly fishes with in Montana during the summer).

Today the rock star Catt Z has fully walked into her artist, teacher and Croneship self. Reaching this point of self-knowledge has been terrific but intense journey. She has always loved art but had been cut off from her ability to express herself at an early age. She reclaimed her authentic self while being mentored by the Shiloh Sophia Color Of Woman intentional creativity method training in 2012.

Cut off from her ability to express herself, Catt became a highly functional addict of food, work and alcohol. In 2009, Catt started on her life of sobriety and abstinence and through the method of intentional creativity she rediscovered the joy once known from drug, sex and rock and roll. Of course, rock and roll is still on the list that gives her great joy.

Cathlene Fishman still lives on professionally as a software computer developer supporting the global manufacturing market. However, Catt Z Geller is getting more and more of her time in the sunshine these days. Catt Z loves to fly fish anywhere in the west, play with her dogs, Molina and Brooke, hang out with her COW buddies making art, and spending time with her husband, Michael.

When she isn’t working out of her trailer as a computer developer or teaching a workshop, she is fly fishing the great rivers of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah. Catt Z is fully supported by her husband Michael, who is very happy he doesn’t have to travel in the motorhome and can stay home with the air conditioning.


Catch CATT Z in 2014

Catt Z has brought Cosmic Smash Booking on-line into internet teaching this year.  She is teaching a twelve week session starting Feb 22nd to May, 2014.

She is very excited to be part of Cosmic Crones, a circle of women who are bringing an on-line sanctuary to the internet in the Spring.

She is holding on-site workshops across the West, particularly in Montana, this summer.

When early fall arrives Catt Z will be teaching those women who want to use Cosmic Smash Booking as a tool in their art work and practices.

And in the late fall she is collaborating with Stella Mac at Heart Of The Visionary mentoring women to bring their business that reflect who they are and the gifts they want to offer to the world.  Catt Z is guiding the women to create their Cosmic Smashbook entitled Visionary Heart Art Journal, a revolutionary form of business plan.

For more details she can be reached here or on facebook at cattgeller@gmail.com.


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